Choosing the Right Sunglasses For Hiking and Mountaineering

June 04, 2018

Choosing the Right Sunglasses For Hiking and Mountaineering

Here at Bamboo Sunnies we are passionate about the great outdoors, which is why we thought we’d offer some tips and advice on how to select the best pair of sunglasses for outdoor sports like trekking, hiking, climbing and mountaineering. If you’re planning on being out all day in sunny and bright conditions, then comfortable and really good eye protection is essential.  Long-term exposure to the sun can cause severe and irreversible damage to your eyes so choosing the right pair of sunglasses matters! You’ll also want to be sure to protect your eyes from dirt, sand, snow and low hanging tree branches. Here are a just a few of the things you may want to look for when selecting a pair of sunglasses.

Choosing the right lenses for your sunglasses

When choosing sunglasses of course they need to look and feel great, but when it comes down do it, the lenses are really critical. For those long days outdoors when you’re hiking or climbing, you’ll want to make sure that you have UV protection. Most high quality sunglasses provide 99-100% UV protection. You need to look for the UV400 label which means that your eyes will be protected from both the UVA and UVB radiation.

Many hikers and mountaineers also prefer polarized lenses as they can reduce the glare of the sun reflected on snow and water.

Strength and durability

Next you’ll want to make sure that the glassed you select are durable. Hikers and climbers need a sunglasses that are strong but flexible in case they fall off, get steps on or get stuffed into a pack. Wooden or bamboo frames are perfect for outdoor pursuits as they tend to be even more durable than plastic.

Comfort factors into the sunglass decision

Personally I’m all about comfort! In our opinion, a good pair of sunglasses have to be super comfortable so you can wear them all day or many days. Lightweight frames are normally the best option so they don’t hurt the bridge of your nose. You’ll also want a pair of sunglasses that fit snugly so they don’t fall off easily.

Style matters too

Style is always also a factor when choosing a pair of sunglasses and just because you’re not wearing them out and about around town doesn’t mean you don’t still want to look good! Some people prefer to have a set of sunglasses specifically for hiking and outdoor sports, others like to have one pair for everyday life as well as when they are outdoors. Luckily we stock over 300 styles, so there’s got to be just the right style for you!

Shop for hiking and mountaineering sunglasses at Bamboo Sunnies!

Bamboo sunnies offer a huge range of trendy and stylish sunglasses made from genuine bamboo materials. Our eco-friendly glasses are ideal for hiking and all kinds of other outdoor sports since they are sturdy and flexible and incredibly lightweight. Many of our lenses are polarized and offer UV400 protection. If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that not only look great, but are also totally different and unique, please browse our full selection of glasses!

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