Why Bamboo Sunglasses Make the Perfect Gift

July 16, 2018

Why Bamboo Sunglasses Make the Perfect Gift

Looking for a gift idea that’s a bit different from the norm? Maybe you have a friend or family member who’s impossible to buy for?  Bamboo sunglasses make a truly unique gift, offering something both practical and personal at the same time. Suitable for men or women and available in a huge range of styles, here are just a few reasons why bamboo sunglasses are the perfect gift idea.

They are environmentally friendly

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials on the planet. Not only is it is one of the fastest growing crops, it is also 100% biodegradable. Over the last few years, it has proven to be very popular in the fashion industry as designers look for more environmentally friendly materials. This means that every time you buy a pair of bamboo sunglasses, you are also helping the planet.

Bamboo Sunglasses are durable

Bamboo sunglasses are incredibly durable and far less likely to snap than plastic frames. When buying someone a pair of bamboo sunglasses as a gift, you are getting them something that will last a long time.

Protecting someone’s vision is a priceless gift

Sunglasses aren’t just a fashion accessory or something to make you look good, they also provide vital protection for your eyes, shielding them from potentially harmful rays from the sun. When buying someone sunglasses as a gift you aren’t just buying them a superficial gift – you are buying them something that could potentially save their eyesight later in life.

There’s a pair of sunglasses to suit everyone

Sunglasses are a universal fashion accessory. This makes them an ideal gift as you can buy them for just about anybody. There are so many styles, you’re sure to find the perfect pair for that special someone. Do they play outdoor sports or spend time on the beach, water, snow or mountains? Sunglasses could be a very useful gift – particularly those with polarized lenses as they can reduce the harsh glare reflecting from surfaces such snow or water.

Here at Bamboo Sunnies we stock a huge range of wooden bamboo sunglasses, whether you’re looking for a stylish pair of classic aviators or something a little more modern, we have a pair of sunglasses to suit everyone!

Gift someone a pair of bamboo sunglasses today

Order a pair of sunglasses from Bamboo Sunnies by visiting our website here. All of our glasses are finely made from 100% natural bamboo materials and most designs are available with a choice of different colored polarized lenses.

For more information please get in touch by emailing us at We would love to hear from you!







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